Description: The TransactionModel represents a single in-app purchase transaction.


  • TransactionInfo info - Info about the transaction. Contains the following fields:
    • string transactionId - The ID of the transaction.
    • DateTime purchaseDate - When the transaction occurred.
    • TransactionInfo.Status purchaseStatus - The status of the trandaction. Has the following enum values:
      • Created - The transaction has begun, but the user has not yet accepted or refused the transaction.
      • Authorized - The user has authorized the transaction, but the developer has not yet fulfilled it.
      • Unauthorized - The user has refused the transaction, or it timed out without the user responding.
      • Fulfilled - The developer has fulfilled the transaction. It's fully complete.
      • Unfulfilled - The developer failed to fulfill the transaction and it timed out.
      • Reversed - The transaction was reversed by IMVU.


  • Promise<IapModel> GetIap() - Get the in-app purcahse associated with this transaction.