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IMVU has one of the most dynamic economies on the Internet.  Users are always searching for ways to spend IMVU Credits (our virtual currency) to enhance their experience and connect with their friends.  Web and mobile apps are a highly anticipated new way to have more fun with their friends.

High Value Audience

IMVU has over 3 Million fully engaged users every month who update their Avatar by shopping from the IMVU Store at an astounding rate of over 200K 3D products sold daily. 

The Best Avatars

The IMVU Store is the largest 3D catalog in the world with over 20 Million user-generated objects created by IMVU power users. Their virtual craft is more than a hobby, it's a living. With over 10K new objects uploaded and consumed everyday, the opportunities to create a unique and personal online identity are endless.

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See our Apps page where you will find demo games from IMVU along with games from developers like you (WebGL, iOS, Android, etc)

IMVU is the creator of the #1 leading avatar-based 3D social network with the ultimate goal of building the next generation of virtual experiences and we want you to be the STAR

We believe developers and designers should be able to do what they do best; make great, engaging and compelling 3D experiences, games and apps. You shouldn't have to worry about modeling characters, monetization, or discovery of your web app.


IMVU’s entire Unity offering is VR compatible today.  You will be on the leading edge of technology, building compelling content for tomorrow’s virtual reality craze.  

We at IMVU believe that virtual reality should be another way to keep people connected, not isolated, and you’re going to help us define what we call social VR.


IMVU API Support

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