How can I test webGL builds in the Unity editor

Our workflow for developing WeGL apps quickly is to build your project for WebGL (in Unity) with your IMVU Settings for redirect url set to: http://localhost:8888. Since Unity will run your WebGL build using a random port, you should not RUN your build from Unity. Instead, after it is built open a terminal/DOS window; go to the directory containing your WebGL build and run the command "python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888".  Once the HTTP server is running, open a browser and enter the URL http://localhost:8888. This will load your WebGL project for testing.

Here is a link with additional python server details:  

what are C# promises and why are they promineNT in the IMVUnity api

Here is a useful blog post explaining some key programming concepts used in the IMVUnity API


You need to add the IMVUnity shaders to your Always Loaded Shaders. To do this, open Preferences -> Graphics Settings, and add the appropriate IMVU shaders from the IMVUnity/Shaders folder to the Always Included Shaders list. These shaders are not automatically pulled into your build by Unity because they are only referenced in code. This Unity documentation should prove useful: (See the IMVUnity documentation about shaders for more specifics.)

I get this error: Failed to resolve assembly: 'UnityEngine.UI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' - what should I do?

This seems to be an error that can be ignored. Make sure you are onUnity5 and otherwise you should be ok.

What version of Unity3D should I use?

As of our 0.5.2 release of IMVUnity, we recommend build 5.3.2 of Unity. We have seen  issues with 5.3.4 and later builds.

What version of Photon Networking should I use?

We have tested with build 1.60. The Photon networking package can be found here:!/content/1786

Do I need an IMVU account to develop against the IMVU Asset bundle?

Yes. You will need to log into IMVU in order to load an avatar. Registration is free at

What platforms can I develop against?

Initially IMVU is focusing on WebGL experiences that can be added to our Web-based 3D experiences, but we have proven our asset bundle on iOS, Android and Unity well as with Unity3D's Virtual Reality support. We would prefer to focus on webGL solutions first, but we don't want to be too prescriptive.

Should I delete my old IMVU asset bundle before installing a new version

Yes. When you install a unity bundle it will overwrite the old version, but it will leave old removed files around. Deleting the old version is always a good idea to avoid conflict.

do you have any unity tips for me?


1) Do not check your Library or Temp directories into source control. These directories are generated by the Unity editor and checking them in can cause issues. If you use GIT you may want to look into the .gitignore file to help you around this issue.

2) We like to use Microsoft Visual Studio for code editing and debugging. It seems more robust than Monodevelop. There are Unity plugins available to integrate the Unity Editor with Visual Studio.

what if I get an error loading an avatar?

With a large community of creators IMVU has millions of products that avatars can be wearing. On occasion you may find a product that does not render properly or even fails to load. We would love to know about these scenarios. First, try putting different outfits onto your avatar. If that fixes the problem then you know it was caused by a specific outfit. Next, dress your avatar in the outfit that was giving you problems and email us a screenshot of the issue along with the products your avatar is wearing. 

You can get the list of products your using is wearing by visiting this link:

The resulting list of product IDs looks like this: {"pids":["191"]}

can I auto-login to make development easier?

Yes. Starting with version 0.4.0 (with oAuth) your credentials will be verified with IMVU via a browser session and you will remain logged in until you specifically log out.

Why Does My avatar appear in a t-pose?

You need to add an Animator on the avatar, with a state machine on it. Please see the Identity demo for an example of this.