Using the IMVU brand

Leveraging the IMVU brand on your title screen or app marketing associates your product with the vast library of custom 3D content in the IMVU platform. Users will instantly know they can use their unique IMVU identity in your app.

Icon Usage

You can use the IMVU logo in your app or marketing material!

Connect/Link Button

Allow users to connect with their IMVU account.
Note: Do not use "Log in" or "Sign in"

If your app allow users to later link their IMVU accounts with existing accounts, you can use the "LINK IMVU ACCOUNT" button

Feel free to make these buttons any size, but please adhear to these points:

  • Text should be uppercase, white
  • Background should be #DEB359
  • Padding could be proportional, as shown

IMVU in app titles

If you want to do this, simply add “<name> for IMVU” to the end of the title.

In other words, don’t make IMVU part of your app name, or use the IMVU logo.