IMVU has millions of customers ready to play with your new app.
Here are our larger audience segments, so you can understand who will be playing your app.


IMVU users fundamentally seek connection with friends

  • They like interaction on their terms, anonymity is important.

  • They want to feel in control, be liked and enjoy the experience.

  • They can live out social fantasies on their own terms and let in who they want, how they want.

  • They want to be provided with a feeling of belonging/community.  

  • As escapists online and off, their avatar persona holds a great importance. It is seen as a fun outlet from daily life and they enjoy the acceptance and power of the role they assume.

  • They can be described as: Makers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, connection seekers, social connectors, introverts, and escapists.



  • Activities or Experiences that are fun, social and general-audience appropriate

  • Casual Games (any length)

  • Action – 3D, side-scroller, runner, platformer

  • Adventure (limit the size)

  • Arcade Sim (driving, flying)

  • Light sports

  • Cards

  • Anything that has a "collection and/or decoration" element (over 1 Billion badges distributed)