Description: The AssetInfo class contains basic information about the asset, along with some high level animation control.


  • List<SkeletonData> skeletons - A list of the skeletons in the asset. The first is always the root skeleton, and the rest are attachments.
  • GameObject avatarObject - The GameObject that the avatar is built off of.
  • List<GameObject> attachmentObjects - The GameObject at the root of each attachment.


  • void PlayAttachmentIdleActions() - Start idles on all attachments that have loaded idle animations. It shouldn't be necessary to call this function if the "Automatically run idle animations on attachments" option is enabled in the loader settings. This function can be used to start idles if not specified in the settings or to restart idle animations that have previously been paused.
  • void PauseAllIdles() - Freeze all active idles on the current frame. If the animations are currently paused then calling PauseAllIdles() or PlayAttachmentIdleActions() will cause them to resume.
  • void ResetAllIdles() - Reset the idle animations to the first frame of the first clip. Paused idles will remain paused when reset - active idles will continue to play from that point.